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Embrace Your Changing Hair Texture: Tips and Styles for Your New Hairstyle

We see this all the time: clients coming in, saying their hair feels dry, damaged, or unruly. The fact of the matter is, their hair may be changing due to hormones, pregnancy, chemotherapy, and other factors. It’s very normal to feel confused and at a loss when your usual hair care routine no longer works for your daily styling needs.

The hard truth is you might need to embrace your new texture, and hey, this could be for the better. You can discover new ways to style your hair that you haven't even thought about. Here are some styles to consider for varying lengths and textures:

Fine, One-Length Hair:

If your hair is starting to flip or kick up in random areas and feels frizzy, consider going a bit shorter with layers or a razor cut. Ask your stylist to diffuse your hair with lighter gels or a sea salt spray. This technique will enhance your natural texture and give you the volume you’ve always wanted.

Short to Medium Pixie Cuts:

Noticing strange cowlicks popping up everywhere? It might be that your hair is getting wavy or curly, and your normal length no longer suits you. Next time, either go a lot shorter before the natural curl pattern forms or grow out your hair a bit and opt for a pixie bob, wixie, French bob, or a shag haircut. Have your stylist use a texture-enhancing spray or mousse to turn those cowlicks into curly, stylish bits.

Thick, Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers:

If your layers always look choppy and uneven, or your haircut looks like it has just two layers, you might be experiencing dual texture hair, where it’s curly underneath and straight on top. There are quite a few options, but you generally want to avoid layering in the back, which will enhance the uneven texture. Consider going shorter with a blunt bob with ghost layers. Your stylist can create layers and texture thinning underneath, making it feel like you have less hair without the choppiness of layered haircuts. Alternatively, an undercut can get rid of the heaviness and even out the texture. Another option is to grow your hair longer, allowing the hair underneath to relax naturally. Opt for a butterfly haircut or face-framing layers in the front to avoid the unwanted choppy look. If you absolutely can’t stand to change your haircut, you can also try doing a keratin treatment just underneath to relax and defrizz this texture, making styling more manageable.

Embrace the Change:

Your hair texture can change over time, and that’s okay. Embrace it, find styles that work with your new texture, and enjoy discovering new ways to express your unique beauty. Your hair journey is yours to own, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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