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The Yoshida's


We believe in treating hair stylists as artists and making service as accessible and transparent as possible. Hair can be one of the most empowering ways for us to express ourselves and our evolution throughout our lives. No one should have to be afraid to make a hair transformation and we are honored to be trusted with the responsibility to realize one's new look.

Our artists may concurrently perform their expertise in other salons or even own their own businesses. We do not control their career nor their clients. We welcome artists to bring their unique expertise to service clients in our area on their own schedule and to be a part of the Capybara Hair Lounge experience.

Bold, Fun, Modern,

No Bullshit

About Capybara Hair Lounge

Katya Yoshida - $160/hr

Lydia Grace - $110/hr

Evette Christine - $115/hr

Jasmine Barrion - $75/hr

Aida Lalurrina - $120/hr

Meet Our Stylists

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